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16:19 - Argentina


(ICE) - ROMA, 14 SET -

The energy sector because of its potential in the country exceeds the economic situation, aims for the long term and continues at full speed. This week, two solar parks were inaugurated in the Province of San Luis, which will provide 46.75 MW of renewable energy to the national system, equivalent to the electrical requirement of more than 30,000 homes. These parks are the first projects in operation of RenovAr, the official program of electricity supply from renewable sources launched in 2016. Together with resolution 202, which adapted the contracts that were already in operation to the new regulations, there are already 157 projects awarded in 21 provinces, 60 of them under construction or in operation. In total it would be 2375.05 megawatts (MW) of installed power for more than us$ 3.5 billion.

There is a second milestone under the "renewable" label. The Government launched a RenovAr spin-off for small projects: the Miniren, which seeks to add 400 MW of production from "green" sources. The specifications will be opened in October; In March 2019 the bids will be presented, in May the award will be made and in July the contracts will be signed. 350 MW will be awarded for photovoltaic and wind initiatives, 10 MW for small hydroelectric projects, 25 MW for biomass, 10 MW for biogas and 5 MW for landfill biogas.

According to the Energy Secretary, Javier Iguacel, "This year we had investments for almost us$ 14,000 million In renewable energy, we have 78 projects between commercial operation and construction, for 3000 MW, with a private investment of us$ 4400 million. more than us$ 600 million investment. "