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19 OTTOBRE 2018

17:52 - Argentina


(ICE) - ROMA, 19 OTT -

During the next campaign (2018/19), the market for silos bags and the specific machinery for the use of the system could move around us$ 550 million, according to a report published by the Rosario Stock Exchange. This is what would add the total expenditure on purchase (250,000 units) and handling of silos to bag up to 45 million tons, equivalent to 40% of the total expected harvest.

These estimates include 8.4 million tons of wheat, 17.2 million tons of corn and 20 million tons of soybeans. The high demand for silos bags could report a turnover of us$ 88 million and services provided by contractors, about us$ 410 million. The Rosario Stock Exchange starts with a projection of one harvest for the next campaign of 114 million tons. With a storage capacity of 63 million, plus an estimated 15 million from the producers themselves, one can clearly notice the existing deficit, which comes to be saved and compensated by the use of silos bags. For its projection, an average referential price was taken for the standard size bag (9 feet by 65 meters), the one with the highest acceptance in the local field.

The report of the Rosario Stock Exchange highlights the advantages that the implementation of this technology provided to the sector's stakeholders. The silos bags allow to extend the times of sale of the production, allowing a better administration and planning. This is of great importance with regard to the marketing system, allowing to reduce the seasonal load of the activities that provide support to the system. In addition, the study pointed out, the harvest becomes independent of the availability of trucks, which implies savings in freight rates when transported outside the station, when the cost is lower, while, at the same time, it makes it possible to avoid the need to face the cost from short freight to stockpiles and cooperatives.