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19 FEBBRAIO 2019

22:05 - Argentina


(ICE) - ROMA, 19 FEB -

The governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru agreed to advance in the production of technical knowledge and exchange experiences around the operation of lithium, through a process that will include academia, industry and civil society, with a view to building a common agenda The 4 countries agreed to invest us$ 690,000 to answer the remaining questions regarding the lithium operations.

The salares of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile concentrate nearly 26 million tons of the proved reserves of this strategic metal, almost 60% of the existing ones in the world. The so-called "lithium triangle" was recently added to Peru, which announced the discovery of deposits of lithium in rock like those in Australia, with a lithium concentration seven times higher than salt flats and estimated reserves of approximately 2.5 million tons in 8,000 hectares of the 92,000 explored.

More than 90% of the amount to be invested by the 4 countries will come from a technical cooperation already approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) The multinational platform will try to determine whether, despite the differences between the lithium sectors of each country, it can be learned and adopted as good mining, environmental and social practices.

The agency noted that lithium "is the fundamental element of batteries that power computers, hybrid and electric cars, cell phones, multiple electronic devices and energy storage systems in general, which has tripled its price in the last 3 years." According to the IDB, "a huge challenge is posed to make the exploitation and use of lithium an effective instrument for sustainable, inclusive and long-term development at the local and regional level." What is proposed is "a comprehensive multiactor agreement on the characteristics that the lithium industry should have, in order to strengthen its viability and its contribution to the sustainable development of the region".