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Panorama Internazionale

26 FEBBRAIO 2019

21:30 - Argentina


(ICE) - ROMA, 26 FEB -

According to a report by the Argentine Confederation of Medium-sized companies (CAME), sales of traditional stores accumulated 13 months of decline and in January they fell by 11.6% despite discounts for cash purchases, payment facilities with credit cards and other promotions. Meanwhile, the merchandising of goods and services on the Internet is growing: in January, the increase was 4.8%, with 14 items up and one without changes, while "sales in stores to the public decreased 11.6% annually with all the big items surveyed in low".

The quantities sold by retail stores fell 10% in January compared to the same month last year, within the downward trend that was increased since last August. In the first month of the year, 77.4% of the businesses consulted had annual sales losses, compared to 72.1% in December; 15.5% grew and 7.1% remained unchanged. The strongest recession were registered in the Bijouterie (14.9%), Footwear and Leather Goods (14.8%), Furniture (14.3%) and Bazaars and Gifts, Jewelry and Watchmaking (13.8%) categories.

The turnover of the ecommerce in Argentina during 2018 was 51.5% higher than in 2017, with an increase of us$ 40 in the average ticket. In dollars, the growth was 37.4%. The rise in sales was almost 4 percentage points higher than inflation, which closed at 47.6 percent. Local sales in electronic commerce reached USD 5,421,000,000. This amount means a real growth in pesos compared to the sales of the previous year of 51.5%. The percentage of online shoppers rose from 67.6% of internet users to 78.2% last year. The annual cost per buyer, in dollars, went from us$ 300 in 2017 to USD 185 last year.