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11 GIUGNO 2019

19:16 - Argentina


(ICE) - ROMA, 11 GIU -

The wind farms built since 2016, since the creation of the Renovar program, the Renewable Energies plan promoted by the National Secretariat of Energy, already generate more than 350 MW of energy in the province of Buenos Aires. To the projects already inaugurated in Bahía Blanca or in Carmen de Patagones, this year will be added 7 new ventures of wind energy that in optimal conditions will be able to generate 600 MW, the equivalent to the consumption of 2 million homes.

In Bahía Blanca, for example, more energy is produced with the wind than their homes consume. Only in the first two months of 2019, the wind mills injected 170 GWh into the grid, while the local power distributor delivered 120 GWh in the city in the same period. Other parks are developed in Necochea, Miramar and Villarino, according to the Provincial Organism for Sustainable Development (OPDS).

 The province of Buenos Aires carries out a program to diversify the energy matrix as one of the key bases for productive development. The OPDS published Resolution 264/19 that creates an instance of pre-feasibility certification for these projects, in order to grant a first general approval to give greater security and agility to the bids, those of the Renovar Plan. Once approved and awarded the project, they can request the Environmental Impact Statement to operate, which also grants the OPDS in just one month. This pre-feasibility is good news to promote the use of renewable energies in line with the commitment assumed in the Paris Agreement in the fight against climate change.