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Panorama Internazionale

24 LUGLIO 2019

15:14 - Argentina


(ICE) - ROMA, 24 LUG -

The Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade (Aaici) noted that in May there was a "record of exported quantities and greater sales to China, the United States, the Netherlands and Egypt." The monthly report said that exports grew 16.5% (year-on-year) "driven by the 35% increase in the quantities and despite the generalized price decrease (-14%)".

Shipments of soybean oil increased by 66.5% with an increase in sales to Egypt, Morocco and Pakistan, and beef shipments rose 58% with growth in purchases from China. In turn, iron and steel sales increased by 40.5% "thanks to higher shipments of seamless tubes to the United States and Saudi Arabia", while sales of biodiesel rose 12%, driven by the increase in purchases from the Netherlands.

Foreign sales exceeded us$ 5,300 million in May and since the beginning of the year totaled us$ 19,500 million, "despite the drop in prices in all export complexes, sales generated 2.5% more foreign exchange than last year".

Shipments of soybeans and grain corn accounted for much of the increase in exports of primary products (+ 61%), and detailed that "shipments of beans tripled (US $ 400 million) with purchases from China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, while those of corn rose 88% (US $ 310 million) thanks to higher sales to Vietnam and Korea. " Exports of crude oil, meanwhile, rose 75%, with exports rising to the United States.

On the other hand, sales of fuel oil in May increased by US $ 14 million and sales of natural gas by us$ 11 million, due to higher purchases from the Arab Emirates and Chile, respectively. The exported quantities of industrial goods grew 3%, but could not compensate for the 4% drop in prices; even so, sales of iron and steel (40.5%), of machines and electrical equipment (13%), and of biodiesel (12%) increased.

Among the highlights of May, the Monitor highlighted that exports of silver ores and concentrates quadrupled (us$ 43 million) due to higher shipments to Germany. Barley sales rose 123% (us$ 32 million), mainly due to higher purchases from Iran and poultry meat sales almost doubled (us$ 16 million), with growth in purchases from China.