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27 AGOSTO 2019

21:59 - Argentina


(ICE) - ROMA, 27 AGO -

By means of Resolution nº 437/19, the Ministry of Finance, Secretariat of Energy has called for a public bidding procedure for purposes of awarding a new natural gas transport license. 

The purpose of this bid is to award a LICENSE for the provision of natural gas transportation services through a system known as "Central Natural Gas Transportation System".

The resolution scheduled the submission of bids date on September 12th, 2019, time for submission of bids: 10-11 am.

Place for submission of bid: H. Yrigoyen 250 - 5th floor, Auditorio (CABA), Argentina.

Bid opening: Sep 12, 2019 after the time for submission of bids, in a public event and according to the terms of reference.

The Central Natural Gas Transportation System project entails the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of a high-presure gas pipeline, as well as the supply of related goods and services, wich is to connect a point in the vicinity of Transportadora de Gas del Sur's (TGS) conditioning plant at Tratayen, Province of Neuquén, to Transportadora de Gas del Norte S.A.'s (TGN) transportation system at a point near the city of San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Province of Buenos Aires, passing through the Saturno compressor facility over the Neuba II Gas Pipeline of TGS's transportation system in the vicinity of the city of Salliqueló, Province of Buenos Aires, as shown in the map.  

The awardee (Licensee) is to carry out all activities necessary for the construction of the natural gas Receiving and Delivery Points, for wich purpose it must agree with TGS and TGN on the final location of each point, the technical aspects related to their connection and the time to make each connection. To this end the Licensee must follow the connection procedures agreed with those companies. The pipeline to be designed, built and operated must have the capacity to transport an initial flow of 15MMm3 per day of 9,300 kcal/m3 natural gas since its Commercial Operation Date (COD). It will be designet and built in such a way that, by means of successive compression extensions to be carried out over time, it will have capacity to transport a flow of 40 MMm3 per day of 9,300 Kcal/m3 natural gas.The licensee's responsibility for the design and construction of the Transportation System, and thesupply of related goods and services, extends to all works, facilities and equipment necessary for itsproper operation and maintenance. Furthermore, the licensee will be responsible for obtaining anypermit, consent, license or other authorization required to build any works, facilities and equipment necessary for the proper operation and maintenance of the Transportation System in compliance with all applicable safety standards and regulations. The Licensee will be required to obtain any easements or right of way necessary to carry out the works and fulfill its obligations under the License, in accordance with the procedures and requirements established by the Gas Authority (ENARGAS) and set forth in the applicable rules. The Licensee will be solely responsible for defining the specific layout of the pipeline. Any proposed layout must be geo‐referenced. From the starting point, it must comply with the current transportation system’s Geographic Information protocol. The pipeline will feature all relevant line block valves, internal inspection tool receiving and launch traps, cathodic protection systems, fiscal metering systems at all pipeline receiving and delivery points, SCADA control and monitoring security systems, communications systems, and any other supplementary facilities necessary, in strict compliance with applicable regulations.Attached find the Terms and Conditions most important aspects.Project phases The pipeline will be built in two stages: Stage 1 Trataten - Salliqueló, stage 2 Salliqueló - San  Nicolás.

For more information please visit:‐de‐hidrocarburos/convocatoria‐licitacion