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14 MARZO 2018

09:33 - Indonesia


(ICE) - ROMA, 14 MAR -

Labor Minister Hanif Dhakiri said the government plans to simplify the foreign workers' employment (TKA) permit and promised to tighten the supervision.

Hanif explained that one of the plans is to remove the recommendation terms from a particular ministry or institution. "The recommendation will be eliminated because so far it takes a long time enough," he said after the limited cabinet meeting at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Tuesday, March 6.

The National Awakening Party's politician told the government's action is not to complicate the labor force to Indonesia, but to better regulate these permits.

Hanif argued it is hoped that business in Indonesia can be more responsive to the current development and the possibility of new jobs arises as well as has a strict control management. "So the permission will be made easier, along with strict control, not the reverse," he said.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in the limited cabinet meeting requested the permits and procedures for foreigner employment be simplified. He stated some issue including submission plan of foreign workers, foreigner employment permit, and limited stay permits can be established quickly via the online-based system, and integrated with inter-ministry.

Jokowi explained in the current globalization era, the labor market is opened in cross-country. Indonesia, other than sending many migrant workers abroad, also opening entry space for foreign workers with certain qualifications required in the investment process.

Jokowi demanded the foreign workers regulation to be well done as to keep the investment grows without any interference regarding the absorption of local labor.

At the end of January, the President approved a similar request. He said he would issue a presidential regulation (Perpres) if ministries and agencies could not make the regulations.

However, Hanif was reluctant to talk about the possibility Jokowi may issue a Presidential Regulation. "Just ask the cabinet secretary," he said.


Notizie Italia/Estero